Welcome to the TalentLaunch Network Company Store. TalentLaunch Network has partnered with BLG Promotions in Cleveland, Ohio to bring you the best apparel and promotional product selections. Please select the operating company on the left to begin shopping.

Orders will be processed Bi-Weekly and shipped/delivered within a week after processing. You may choose to ship to your home and incur the shipping cost or you can ship to your local office for a small flat shipping fee.  Any office orders will be bulk shipped with any other orders going to the same address.

For questions about garment quality, sizing, and embroidery please contact BLG Promotions at 216-454-0222.

Please contact Meredith Barnett with any other questions at 216-273-1017

ALL SALES ARE FINAL (all items are made to order)

Alliance Healthcare scrubs can be purchased here: https://blgpromo.com/alliancehealth/